Krailling near Munich is the seat of the company Electro Optical Systems (EOS). At the end of the 80s, the founder Dr. Hans J. Langer succeeded in melting the most sturdy components from the finest powder by means of laser beams. In the meantime, EOS is the world’s technology and quality leader for high-end solutions in the field of additive manufacturing (AM), and the key technologies for the fourth industrial revolution come from the quiet small Krailling.

Laser sintering is the technique used to revolutionise mechanical engineering. It allows the production of any complex components which cannot be produced in conventional mechanical or casting processes. The spectrum of materials available is ranging from metals to plastics to composite materials. This offers new degrees of freedom for construction and design: from highly individualised products in medical technology to series production of safety-relevant components in the automotive and aerospace industries.

EOS machines are used in every industry, and the trend is increasing. With the arrival of this technology, the number of users and professional groups working with them is also growing. And this is where UseTree comes into play. We analyse the technical processes, translate them into simple intuitive sequences that take into account different knowledge levels and needs of users. We incorporate these requirements into software products that enable us to deal with highly complex technologies as well as to ensure faster and more productive additive manufacturing with the highest quality of parts.

UseTree is the main contact for the redesign of existing and the development of new EOS software products. As a partner, UseTree is closely interlinked with the relevant business units and also advises EOS on the standardisation of its software suite – with the common goal of making industrial 3D printing simpler and more accessible to its users.