Tegel Projekt GmbH

Creating Tools for the Urban Planning of the Future

Six months after the opening of the new BER airport, Berlin-Tegel Airport will be closed. In the years that follow, a research and industrial park for urban technologies (Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic) and a new residential area (Schumacher Quartier) will be built on the site. Tegel Projekt GmbH has been commissioned by the State of Berlin to develop and manage these two projects.  

UseTree supported Tegel Projekt with an online workshop series to analyse the requirements for a web-based, spatial data infrastructure. The planned data infrastructure is the first step on the way to a sustainable IT platform and represents the data hub and technological heart of the digital urban tech republic.  

Together, the project team approached the target image, the potential users, their tasks and workflows step by step.  The result was an initial roadmap that shows the next steps in user-centred project planning and lays the foundation for a successful data infrastructure.


Public Sector & Government


UX Consulting & Training


Customer Journey Workshop
Use Cases


Lukas Hagel
Julia Fritzsche
Stefan Häber


8 weeks

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