We are happy that you are interested in working with us! Our professional environment offers exciting projects and interdisciplinary teamwork. We are always looking for interesting collaboration opportunities in the following areas:

You´re passionate about UX testing and are known for your analytical approach? You´re familiar with UX methods and know how to use and combine research strategies in an optimal way? You also enjoy translating research data into conceptual ideas and you already have experience with the development of medical devices?

Then become part of our team! Together with colleagues and clients, you will work in interdisciplinary teams and develop UX strategies, which you will implement in your projects.

Please send us your application documents per e-mail: jobs@usetree.com

Would you like to take the first step in your professional UX career? Are you enrolled at a university in the field of design, psychology or a similar discipline?

Then apply for an internship with us! From March 2020, we are again looking for new support for our team. You can gain insights into our project work and take an active part in shaping it.

Please send us your CV and short portfolio per e-mail: jobs@usetree.com

Are you planning to do your thesis in the field of UX design or UX research with a practical application?

Then get in touch with us! We offer mentoring for diverse dissertations within the framework of our projects.

Please send us your project proposal with a cover letter per e-mail: jobs@usetree.com

Speculative application

We are always looking for specialists from all disciplines. Perhaps we are looking for someone like you? Apply now!

Speculative application