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News Reading Time 1 min | 12.02.2020

Meierhofer presents new generation of “M-KIS” at DMEA 2020

The Munich-based company is the leading provider of solutions for digital patient care in hospitals and clinics in German-speaking countries and is now taking a consistently user-centric and evolutionary step in software development with “M-KIS Next”.

by Usetree Redaktion

“M-KIS Next” is the new generation of the established hospital information system (M-KIS) from Meierhofer. The first parts of the new product strategy will be presented at the DMEA 2020 in Berlin, which takes a consistently new user-centric approach. The newly designed user interface provides more clarity which results in an improved treatment quality. “M-KIS Next” also allows mobile modular application scenarios and thus provides the basis to implement requirements such as cloud capability and artificial intelligence.

We are pleased to have been part of the process and hereby we cordially congratulate on the upcoming product presentation.

For more information see Meierhofer’s press release dated 06 February 2020.

Image source: unsplash, Meierhofer