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News Reading Time 2 min | 11.12.2018

Our website relaunch – Why exactly now and what’s new?

We look back at a year filled with interesting projects and important developments. This should be shared with the outside world. We would like to briefly introduce you to the areas of our new website.

by Usetree Redaktion

Our (wo)man power – TEAM

In 2018, UseTree has grown to include additional members in the areas of design, consulting, research and communications. Some of our greatest strengths are our great interaction with each other and the interdisciplinarity of our team. Which is why, with the relaunch of our website, we wanted to present the team in a new way: to emphasize the professional characteristics of each member and to give everyone room for personal statements.

We have achieved a lot – WORK

Selected projects are presented in a new way – so that future project partners can immediately see what we can do for them. We have a wealth of experience and are eager to conquer previously unknown areas together with our customers!

We have a rich repertoire – SERVICE

Our service area is now even clearer and more usable. See for yourself by searching this area for skills and methods, in the different phases of the entire product life cycle.

A look behind the scenes – MAGAZINE

Internally, we have an active information culture. We exchange recommendations and regularly expand the UseTree library. It would be even better to share this all with you! From now on, you can find a recommendations section in the magazine. When reading, use our improved tagging feature, refer to the reading time indicator and enjoy the clearer design.

Photo credit: UseTree