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Making Assisted Driving Safer with the Power of the Crowd

Algorithms are the basis for different image-based driver assistance systems, they are continuously improved and tested from version to version.

Recorded video data is enriched with so-called labels. Image for image, relevant traffic signs, pedestrians or light sources are manually labelled for the algorithms to learn from. These labels are called “Ground Truth”, and contain accurate information about the man-made environment. What man sees should also be seen by the machine.

A labeller marks, checks and corrects the Ground Truth of the recorded video sequence by sequence.

A software was developed to support semi-automatic labelling, in cooperation with the Testing Solutions division of Hella Aglaia Mobile Vision GmbH. The goal was to make this web-based labelling system, which had been previously used exclusively by experts, more accessible and efficient.


Mobility & Automotive


UX Research
UX Design


Detail Interaction Concept


Stefan Häber
Johanna Petzold


12 months

Our approach

The first step was to complete an intensive analysis of the labeller´s workflow. The interview results were supplemented by the findings of cognitive research at the TU Berlin, which informed the starting point for all further steps.

In order to guarantee the consistent quality of the labels, the project team designed a comprehensive reward system for the labelers that provided incentives and feedback, as well as creating a sense of belonging. UseTree’s general concept responded to questions of the system’s functions, structure, and presentation. In the detailed conception, the team implemented central use cases. In addition, a visual design was created that integrates into the entire product suite of Hella Aglaia.

The solution

The result is an intuitive, web-based, modular and therefore flexible, labelling interface for different assistance systems.

UseTree will continue to support Hella Aglaia as UX partner in various projects in the future – in all aspects of assistance systems.

‘Thanks to UseTree’s expertise, we were able to significantly optimise our labelling system with a modular concept and design. Today, we can offer a flexible system that enables efficient and user-friendly labelling and fits seamlessly into the product families of Hella Aglaia’s Testing Solutions division.’

Tom Lüders
Director Testing Solutions
HELLA Aglaia Mobile Vision GmbH

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