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The Sewing Pattern for the Digital Age

Transferring patterns onto fabric can quickly become an elaborate process. Usually it requires paper, scissors and a printer, followed by the laborious process of gluing the individual parts together in order to be able to trace the complete pattern. The solution? Augmented reality (AR). The technology recognises the fabric’s surface, at the same time the pattern is displayed on the smartphone and can be easily traced onto the actual fabric.


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Basis Interaction Concept
Prototyping (Low- & High Fidelity)


Martina Armbrecht


4 weeks

Using Augmented Reality Efficiently

Applications in the field of augmented reality are already widely used in various industries and offer a wide range of possible purposes. This trend has, however, not yet reached the great majority of digital product users.

For this reason, the main focus of this joint project with Pattarina was to provide guidance and create a motivating introduction to the technology. UseTree, in partnership with Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum Usability, translated these aspects into a prototype of the interaction concept of the pattern app. The aim was to enable users to work independently without needing to receive excessive instructions in advance.

Visually Guided to the Goal

During the requirements analysis, one question came up again and again and thus became the central challenge: How do we instruct the user to enable a simple and yet efficient handling of augmented reality?

It was clear that additional visualisations would be helpful to achieve this. Therefore, illustrations and animations were given special importance in the UX concept. They offer the potential to avoid long explanations and convey clear messages. They also simplify the understanding and intuitively guide users through tasks.

Usable and Augmented

Whether expert or amateur, Pattarina is the ideal tool that turns anyone into a master. The pattern app accompanies you step by step and enables an intuitive digital workflow. Users can also choose from a variety of patterns.

The visual guide on how to use AR, in slide form, greatly enhances the quality of the UX and helps to ensure easy operation. Short, subtle animations quickly instruct the user without the need for lengthy explanations and enable a straightforward workflow.

Become a master of patterns: For each project, the level of difficulty, duration, five-star rating, and materials required are given.

Working with UseTree has made us realise how important UX design is for every aspect of our service. What particularly impressed me was the fact that all of the designers involved in the project really understood what was important to us, through their own hands-on experience.

Dr. Nora Baum

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