Making Ultrasound Training a Mobile Experience

SONOcoach strives to enhance medical education and training in the field of sonography. Since ultrasound equipment is always in use, medical professionals often only have access to a very limited learning and training environment. To support them, SONOcoach is developing an interactive app that simulates ultrasound imaging. Using the smartphone as an ultrasound device, both medical students and specialists can move virtually through healthy and pathological organs and thus train their skills.

UseTree developed the concept of the SONOcoach app. Focus was placed on the didactic aspect: With a modular practice and exam mode, the app completes the learning process and provides users with a collection of real scans. At the end of the project, a click prototype was created, which takes into account not only functional but also design aspects – a new milestone for the SONOcoach team.


Pharma & Healthcare


UX Design


Co-Creation Workshop
Prototyping (Low- & High Fidelity)
UX Information Architecture


Cathryn Mc Anespy
Kimia Amir-Moazami
Ariane Jäger


3 months

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