A Short Story of UserExperience


When man learned to use tools, he had found an enhancement of his body.

When he added a handle to the axe, he adapted the tool to his body.

The optimal adaptation of tools for man is called ergonomics.

When man developed the computer, he had found an extension of his mind.

When he designed computer applications ergonomically, effectively and efficiently, he made it possible for people to use them satisfactorily.

The optimal use of technical systems is called usability.

When man anchored a positive-emotional feedback in the users´ interaction with computer software, he facilitated not only usability but also emotional satisfaction.

The emotional satisfaction in the interaction with software applications is called joy of use.

When man, in the development of a product, learned to consider the actual living and working reality of the user, beyond usability and joy of use, he had found a way to design an entire experience.

The optimal interaction of people with products, in their socio-cultural reality, is called user experience.