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News Reading Time 1 min | 07.12.2018

Supporting independence: a school project in Ethiopia

We take information and education for granted in our everyday lives. That is why our annual Christmas donation goes to the school project led by the Enat Afer association. Would you like to join us?

by Usetree Redaktion

Year after year, ten to twenty million hectares of tropical forest disappear in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia through deforestation and slash-and-burn. Tropical forest destruction leads to existential and material problems, as well as ethnic disruption.

Enat Afere.V., founded in 1997 in Göttingen, is an initiative to protect and preserve the tropical forests of Ethiopia.

Ethnic groups, mostly hunters and gatherers, living in and from the forest, are transitioning to agriculture in order to continue their livelihood. They must be given access to modern education. That is why Enat Afer e. V. provides school materials for children from these clans.

We believe in help through self-help and education as a basic building block for equal opportunities. Therefore we are happy to see our donation supporting Enat Afer’s school project.

If you would like to join us, you can find further information about the association and the school project here: Enat Afer e.V.

Photo credit: Guido Meisenheimer Photographie