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Recommendation Reading Time 1 min | 04.01.2019


The documentary shows people, and their successful ideas for democracy, education, economics, energy, agriculture of the future.

by Usetree Redaktion

‘At the beginning of the year, I would like to recommend this film to you – as kind of an energy injection for your motivation and inspiration!

Expecting their first child, the creators of the film, activist Cyril Dion and actress Mélanie Laurent, wondered: in what world will it grow up? Are there any initiatives that counteract the threat of global ecological collapse with real, effective solutions?

The two found amazingly smart and creative answers to these questions in their discussions with experts and activists during visits to projects and initiatives in ten different countries. As I rewatched the film on New Year’s Day, I was amazed by the human ability to adapt, communicate and self-organize in larger groups.

And I just knew there were so many possibilities and such a need for flexible, user-centered software applications that would help these organizations grow …’

Gabriele, communication manager


Photo credit: Arnaud Réauté