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UX with our seal of approval

As a selected UX service provider of the association UIG (Usability in Germany e.V.), we promote and award user-centred companies with the seal “Nutzerzentriert entwickelt” (user-centred development).

by Usetree Redaktion

As a UX company, we at UseTree strongly emphasise user-centred product development. We want to support companies in developing digital products that not only meet the requirements and wishes of users, but also inspire them and bind them to the company.

To promote and reward this user-centricity, the association UIG (Usability in Germany e.V.) has created a seal of quality for user-centred companies. Any medium-sized company in Germany can be awarded this seal. Certification takes place for a period of one year on the basis of a successful audit by an independent usability/UX service provider such as UseTree and a self-report by the company.

As a member of the UIG, we are committed to carrying out this certification with the utmost care and competence. As a selected UX service provider, we conduct the UX audit with expertise and experience and support companies along all steps of the process towards a user-centred developed product.

We are convinced that this certification makes an important contribution to user satisfaction and long-term customer loyalty. That is why we look forward to working with companies to create digital products that inspire and are successful in the long term.

Contact us at: request@usetree.com, Dr. Fabienne Roche will be your auditor. 

Here’s where you can get your first free check:

After the UX check is before the UX check. UX is not static, but a continuous process. Because products live and develop further. For example, sooner or later a redesign and further UX testing will be necessary. Topics such as accessibility must also always be taken into consideration. 

We accompany you in all phases of the product life cycle, contact us!

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