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News, Event Reading Time 1 min | 12.11.2019

We are speaking at the World Usability Day 2019, in Berlin

The theme for the 15th WUD is “Designing for the Future We Want,” showcasing different keynotes and workshops. UseTree will be back on November 14th to present one of our projects on the topic of AR.

by Usetree Redaktion

In her keynote “Pattarina – UX through Augmented Reality” Martina Armbrecht will talk about our work with the app for sewing patterns and will give you an interesting insight into the collaboration in which AR and Usability play a central role. The main question is: how can we enable users to engage in new technology and how can we build better communication? We welcome all participants and anyone who is interested in having a closer look at our work.

This year’s WUD partners include HTW Berlin (venue), SIBB and Mittelstand 4.0.

Image source: Marta Kalka