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‘Bottlenecks’, David C. Evans

‘A book for anyone who wants to get into the subject of UX Psychology – but also with a lot of new insights for the more seasoned!’

by Usetree Redaktion

UX consultant Sarah: ‘David C. Evans sheds light on the psychological principles that characterise the way we experience design. While using an application, there are certain informational narrows to overcome in terms of attention, perceptions, dispositions, motivation, and interpersonal factors. These are moments when only a limited amount of information can be taken in. Evans calls them bottlenecks.

What is particularly valuable for our work is how Evans builds a bridge to UX design: taking the user’s perspective, he identifies the design requirements that arise from the various bottlenecks. The book presents consistent strategies for the product development and gives examples how small adjustments can lead to big improvements.’

Bottlenecks – Aligning UX Design with User Psychology

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