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Digitalisation of Machine Parks Made Easy

smartblick by ‘F&M Werkzeug und Maschinenbau GmbH’ is a straightforward web-based service for industrial companies to monitor machines and facilities and thus optimises processes and workload. smartblick collects machine data for this purpose and translates it into meaningful production and utilisation metrics. The developed sensor technology can bring older systems into the current digital industry standard (RetroFit). This innovative service enables medium-sized companies in particular to gain quick and easy access to digital production – but without the high costs that are usually incurred in implementing digitalisation solutions.


Industrial Manufacturing


UX Consulting & Training
UX Design


Customer Journey Workshop
User Experience Design
UX Strategy


Christian Mateit
Stefan Häber


5 months


The cooperation with ‘F&M Werkzeug- und Maschinenbau’ started in early 2019, with focus on the new development of the web-based application around the ‘Plug and Play’ Smartbox. After installation, the box records the live data of the machine and automatically enhances the system with it. The aim was to make it easy for users to operate the system by providing a quick overview of the various key figures in their machine park. To achieve this, a consistently logical user experience had to be taken into account in the conception as well as in the design process.


In order to capture the user-centered perspective and its interaction processes, the project team first conducted customer-journey workshops. Also, taken into consideration, were the current problems and needs of customers and how clear added value could be represented. We created a user-friendly interface with a logical information structure step by step. The integrated price model complements the simplicity of commissioning and use.


All data from the smart boxes of a company converge on the web-based application designed in cooperation with UseTree. The overview of all production machines is achieved by the clear and comprehensible visualisation of the general survey. A detailed display helps with troubleshooting and process optimisation. Different parameters can be tracked collectively for each machine, such as the spindle running time, the job monitor or the error log. In addition, the reporting function makes it possible to define individual evaluation periods and to analyse and compare the capacity utilisation of individual machines.


Apart from designing the web-based application, UseTree also supported the conception of the smartblick product website. Here, interested parties can get a quick overview of the smartblick service and also the opportunity to register as a free test customer.

The team also developed a prototype of a mobile app that is easily operated in a production environment. Here, the machine operator can manually enter the data of the individual work processes and thus sensibly complement the recorded machine data.


For the further development of the smartblick service, ‘F&M Werkzeug- und Maschinenbau GmbH’ continuously optimises its algorithms and works on new functions that can be tested directly in-house while production is running. UseTree will also continue to accompany and support this process – for all questions related to UX.

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