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Recommendation Reading Time 1 min | 21.05.2021

Learn UX methods for your product in our hands-on workshop

How can a consistently positive user experience improve products? We show our approach in our two-day UX workshop using your own practical example.

by Usetree Redaktion

User Experience Consulting uses effective methods to strengthen the real needs of their users. It also takes into account all phases of the development of a (digital) product.

Our UX workshop – in the seminar programme of our partner Methodpark – deals with the basics of Usability, UX Research & Design and enables our participants to apply them to their own projects. In the process, we teach basic ISO standards relevant to actual practice in software and hardware areas. Our workshop is aimed at all interested designers, developers, conceptual designers, project managers, product owners or entire software teams.

Before each workshop, our participants can choose from UseTree’s comprehensive range of topics: from analysis and conception to implementation and testing of their products. The workshop format is thus tailored to the individual challenges of different companies. 

Of course, we help to determine the specific expectations and needs of the workshop participants and set the agenda of their individual UX training together with them.

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