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Event Reading Time 1 min | 11.11.2021

WUD 2021 – Our Speech in Leipzig

The annual international World Usability Day, WUD for short, takes place again in November. This day is all about the achievements and findings around usability and user experience. What is the current impact of interactive products and systems? Over 40 countries are participating in WUD 2021 with online and live events on the theme “Design of our Online World: Trust, Ethics & Integrity”.

by Usetree Redaktion

This year, we will be there live and in person at the WUD event at Kunstkraftwerk in Leipzig’s West. The topic of our presentation “Dark Patterns – Unsafe by Design” focuses on interest-driven and unethical user guidance. Our UX designers Martina Armbrecht and Ariane Jäger will answer questions like: When does the UX toolbox become a bag of tricks and how does user guidance become manipulative? And can dark patterns also do some supposed good?

We will show the systematics from a usability point of view and discuss illustrative examples of different forms and goals of the established practice of dark patterns. 

We look forward to a spirited exchange on the 11th of November at 11:35 am. More info and registration here.

In Germany, the German UPA organises and communicates the World Usability Day.

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